Giving to people who give



I feel like you would take a interest in this since you spent your summer road tripping across the United States collecting homeless signs. Regardless if you have seen this video or not, it is nice to see that people are willing to help out one another.


Late Night Thinking

Random Thoughts

One thing I will never understand is how my brain works. For some reason I can’t do work during the day but once that clock hits midnight, I go wild. It is when I become more creative, I can write essays, study, literally ANYTHING! It makes no sense to me because I will stay up until 4am sometimes working on something when I had the time to do it during the day. My roommate on the other hand is the complete opposite. She has a set bed time of 10:30pm in order for her to get the full 8 hours of sleep recommended. Granted I don’t start class until 12pm MWF and 9:30am TTH but it still just makes me wonder why I am this way. I find it so hard to write a paper especially during the day time but once it is in the middle of the night, my thoughts become clearer and I can just write. Maybe I have just made myself believe I work better that way? Who knows… Even though I might be tired in the morning, I know that by staying up late, my best work is being brought out oddly enough. Take┬álast night for example, I conducted a rough draft of my mind map around 12:30ish and didn’t stop until 2am. Same goes for tonight, I began my final copy and probably wouldn’t have come up with half of the ideas I am getting if it were midday. It is so strange how the brain works and how everyones works differently.

Embrace The Shake


During class you showed us a TED talk video from Phil Hansen about “Embracing the Shake”. It made me realize that no matter what obstacles come your way, there is always something to over come them. Whether that be for Phil overcoming his hands that shake constantly or for myself and trying to overcome being so shy. The video you showed us made me realize that I really don’t have anything holding me back and it is all just a mental game that goes on in my head. Maybe it is because I overthink everything and believe that whatever I say in a class someone will think it is stupid. Watching this video makes me want to overcome this burden and “embrace” how I broke free from it. We will see how this semester goes and hopefully I branch out.