Late Night Thinking

Random Thoughts

One thing I will never understand is how my brain works. For some reason I can’t do work during the day but once that clock hits midnight, I go wild. It is when I become more creative, I can write essays, study, literally ANYTHING! It makes no sense to me because I will stay up until 4am sometimes working on something when I had the time to do it during the day. My roommate on the other hand is the complete opposite. She has a set bed time of 10:30pm in order for her to get the full 8 hours of sleep recommended. Granted I don’t start class until 12pm MWF and 9:30am TTH but it still just makes me wonder why I am this way. I find it so hard to write a paper especially during the day time but once it is in the middle of the night, my thoughts become clearer and I can just write. Maybe I have just made myself believe I work better that way? Who knows… Even though I might be tired in the morning, I know that by staying up late, my best work is being brought out oddly enough. Take last night for example, I conducted a rough draft of my mind map around 12:30ish and didn’t stop until 2am. Same goes for tonight, I began my final copy and probably wouldn’t have come up with half of the ideas I am getting if it were midday. It is so strange how the brain works and how everyones works differently.


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