Sweetie Fry Closes



Probably one of the worst pieces of news from Cleveland I have heard in a long time! Sweetie Fry was a local shop about 15 minutes away from my house that only sold homemade ice cream and different varieties of fries. It was unlike any other ice cream store where I lived. They were so creative in the different flavors they came up with for both fries and ice cream! Sweetie Fry was also one of the only stores to stay open past midnight. This will definitely be a bummer when I go back home for Thanksgiving break.


Rough Waters

Cleveland, Life

These past couple of weeks have been difficult for me. While it seems like everything is fine on the outsides, I’m slowly breaking down on the inside. Recently, a family friend of mine passed away from cancer. Her name was Riley and was only 17. It is crazy how this disease takes away the best people in the world. Riley has an interesting story because there could’ve been a chance to save her life. She was given the option to amputate her leg to try and stop the cancer from spreading but both Riley and her mom decided against it because¬†she didn’t want to be “deformed”. During her final months in this world, she moved out of the hospital and decided to stay in the comfort of her home with family and friends surrounding her. Riley’s dad even allowed her boyfriend to propose to her in order to have that experience before she passed. She was such a strong fighter and didn’t want any one to know the pain she was going through. Makes you realize you have to look at each day in a positive attitude and see how lucky you truly are to still be alive. Here is a link our local news station wrote about her.




Catawba Sunset

For my self-portrait I decided to use a photo that I took at a place called Catawba. It’s an island about a hour and a half away from my house that I have been going to ever since I was little. Every time I am up at the lake it has a calming effect on me and this photo brings back that feeling. Also, I am very proud to be from Cleveland, Ohio which is another reason I chose this picture. Even though I get made fun of for where I am, there is a beautiful part of Ohio that outsiders don’t see. My friends who come visit me always say they didn’t expect my state to be as beautiful as what they originally thought. I truly hope I end up back in Cleveland raising my family.