David Horridge: Creative Process (pt.3)

Creative Process

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David’s creative process is an act of subtractive creativity. He said that before he does any work, he wants to make sure that he is fully informed of the project that he is working on. After that, that is when the ideas start to flow. David doesn’t critique his work as he is going but instead does that afterwards to see what needs to be added/taken out. He also knows that the first idea that you come up with will not always be the best and to not give up because eventually you will get there. In the end you are left with “polished ideas” but the thing that makes David most proud are the calluses that are on his hands after a project.


David T. Jones: Creative Process (pt. 2)

Creative Process


For David Jones, I like that he admits he doesn’t have a creative process. Pretty much everyone goes in this cycle of fear of not coming up with something great but as that cycle goes around, in the end you will always come up with an idea. David isn’t saying that idea will be great, because you still need to sell it, but you still generate an idea. In the book it says, “self-doubt happens to the most successful of idea people” which I agree with because it happens with me all the time coming up with an idea to do for a project.