Rough Waters (pt. 2)

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This Fall Break I ended up staying in Dallas because my plans to visit my friend in Denver fell through. Overall, I am not so upset that I didn’t do anything exciting like go to ACL or travel back home. It was night to have my apartment all to myself and just be in solitude. Both Saturday and Sunday I FaceTimed with one of my best guy friends, Jacques, from back home. He goes to school at Wash U but was back in Cleveland to get chemo and radiation done. Jacques has RMS which is a type of cancer that attacks the tissues in the body. This is his third round of the cancer coming back and quite honestly it scares me. On Saturday we FaceTimed for about 5 hours just catching up and figuring out what we are going to do when all of our friends come home for break. But every hour or so he was constantly being check on by nurses to make sure he was ok and giving him medication and pain relievers. I didn’t really want to talk about the cancer but instead wanted to keep his mood lifted since he had just gone out of treatment and wanted to get his mind off of it. His hair is growing back which is a step but he doesn’t think it will stay for long because of more treatments in the future. I always have to come up with creative ways to keep Jacques thinking about something else even if it requires me staying up late talking to him.



Random Thoughts

With Halloween coming up in a few weeks, I need to get a move on my costume. I still have no idea what to be! I honestly hate Halloween during college years because of the whole “it’s ok to dress slutty” bothers me. I don’t think it is ok any day out of the day where it is acceptable to dress like that! Either way I like this post from another blog about Halloween costumes from Celebrities in the past years. Some of them are hilarious!

Late Night Thinking

Random Thoughts

One thing I will never understand is how my brain works. For some reason I can’t do work during the day but once that clock hits midnight, I go wild. It is when I become more creative, I can write essays, study, literally ANYTHING! It makes no sense to me because I will stay up until 4am sometimes working on something when I had the time to do it during the day. My roommate on the other hand is the complete opposite. She has a set bed time of 10:30pm in order for her to get the full 8 hours of sleep recommended. Granted I don’t start class until 12pm MWF and 9:30am TTH but it still just makes me wonder why I am this way. I find it so hard to write a paper especially during the day time but once it is in the middle of the night, my thoughts become clearer and I can just write. Maybe I have just made myself believe I work better that way? Who knows… Even though I might be tired in the morning, I know that by staying up late, my best work is being brought out oddly enough. Take┬álast night for example, I conducted a rough draft of my mind map around 12:30ish and didn’t stop until 2am. Same goes for tonight, I began my final copy and probably wouldn’t have come up with half of the ideas I am getting if it were midday. It is so strange how the brain works and how everyones works differently.